Be still and know that I am God.
Psalm 46:10

Saturday, November 8, 2014

And So He Sleeps...

I am writing this post at 6 PM on a Saturday night. We have three kids that keep us spinning in circles so we thought pizza and a movie night would be the perfect, relaxing thing to do tonight.  We popped in the movie Frozen, provided Little Caesar's pizza, bread sticks and soda for everyone.  Food devoured, interest by one, the kids left the living room.  I kinda lost interest in the movie, too (sorry!)  Mark and I were left alone.  I thought to myself; That worked out kind of nice! because we got a "date night," even at home. Nice!  I thought. I think those parents with kids will understand.

While Mark and I finished watching Frozen, he quickly fell fast asleep, snoring included.  Honestly, at first, I was a bit irritated.  I thought the usual things like Really?! He fell asleep on me on a Saturday "date" night?! and What if this were our very first date or even third? Really?!  I got up to go huff and puff in the kitchen, and then I got my reality check.  I like to call it 'conviction.'  Ugh!  Don't you just love & hate when that happens?

I walked into the living room and watched him sleeping in what looked like a very uncomfortable position, and I thought to myself, How dare I complain about anything for one second? I was humbled faster than a millisecond.  I looked at my husband of almost 20 years (December 3rd) and the father of my children; I know full well what he has given of himself to me and our family. The sacrifices he has made for us.

For me.

I think of the long hours he worked this week without complaint of any kind.  All of these years.  I think of how stressful his job is, but he doesn't let it show.  He is really good at accepting what is.  His faith is strong and genuine.  His demeanor is the same today as it was yesterday, and it will be tomorrow.  He always puts us first. I think about all of these years that I've been sick, and he's picked up the slack.

I remember how he cooks dinner for us every night (he enjoys it...really!), and he makes sure we sit down together as a family because that is what is most important to him.  I think of him skipping his hunting trip to drive Matthew to the Amtrak station this morning for his senior trip to Colorado...his saying goodbye to our eldest, for us.  And me... understanding every emotion he felt (I had to say my good-bye at home). Then, Mark picked up our nephew from his house for a sleepover,  I watched him pay bills this afternoon (ugh! stressful!). And then, he went to pick up dinner for us.  Phew!

And so, he sleeps and I allow him to on our Saturday "date" night because I am so glad and thankful for the gift of him in our lives.  All that I have been given that I don't feel I deserve.  It doesn't go unnoticed or not appreciated.  I bless him in return by not waking him up, keeping the kids quiet, and not ever saying a word about our "date night."  I think he'll appreciate that ;)